Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I didn't know this survived

Somehow I was under the impression that these things would be deleted after a certain length of inactivity. After all, who needs their server cluttered by by two entry blogs written by people who forget they even had one?

Yet a year and a half after I created it and forgot about it, this document is still here. So too remains the promise that I would make multiple posts every time I failed a regular Tuesday update.

That means I'm officially 84 posts behind schedule, and I never really planned to write more than a few dozen.

High time to rethink what I want out of this project, isn't it?

For one, its going to update "whenever" - trying to stick to a schedule is just going to put me farther behind.

The second change is that I'm going to open up the scope a bit. My original intent was to simply share the campaign notes for all stuff I never played. I still hope to do that, but in addition, I will be sharing some ideas about game design and theory, reviews of stuff from 1km1kt.net, stories from the settings of my games, and developing concepts for new ones.

I must ask forgiveness from myself for my failure to even get an adequate start on this the first time, and from those who want to share my thoughts, yet find a lack of content here. May I be a better person in the future.

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