Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad Pattern

I could have sworn that I posted something the first Tuesday of July, but apparently not. Last week, I'll admit I ran out of time, and then never got around to posting a belated entry. However, there is no intention here of constantly writing three posts and then abandoning the site for over a year.

So why does this happen? There isn't enough going on in my life that I can legitimately excuse this sort of inattentiveness. Its just a notable flaw in my personality and interests. I often have a number of things catch my attention, but after renting/opening them all, it becomes so overwhelming that I really get to none of them.

This is why I often have 4 Firefox windows with 60 tabs apiece open, or two dozen unread library books. I really want to do an in-depth study of the current trends in Role Playing theory, but I open up a dozen different blogs, and four articles from each, and then something else catches my attention once I'm bogged down by the weight of numbers and forget I about the open session.

When something has my attention, it can have it for some time. But being able to catch like that doesn't happen as often as I'd like, or at least not on the things I want. Taking a 15 min break to play a video game usually ends up as a 3 hour diversion at the very least.

At times I have tried schedules or rewards, but despite my knowledge of psychological patterns or reinforcement (thank you psych classes) it doesn't really work for me.

So let me apologize to my (apparently non-existant) readers about my poor up-keep. This blog is a paradox - I want to use it to concentrate on my projects and games, yet this thing itself often slips my attetion.

Ok, we're offically 87 posts behind now. Lets get cracking. Right after I finish this mission in Wesnoth...

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